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High quality in any number of copies

Great and adjustable colour depth

Short print realization time

Waterproof print

Prints on foils and magnets

Colourful personalisation

What is the secret of effectiveness of HP Indigo machines?

What makes our HP Indigo printers so desirable on the printing market is a specialist toner called “ElectroInk”. Thanks to its liquid form the prints made with the printer often exceed the quality achieved with the use of offset printing technique!
Colour depth and sharpness will allow you to express what is most important for you.
Digital offset printing technology will help you to show to the world more than others and gain the consumers’ confidence in you.

Digital offset printing technology was designed for modern and demanding clients

who value quality and short time of service performance.
HP Indigo printing machines always solve the dilemma of choosing between digital printing and offset printing technology.
Prints meeting the highest standards, with stable colours and without deficiencies of amateur digital prints are available from now on, virtually immediately, irrespective of the size of your order.
HP Indigo may be doubtlessly called the best machine for digital offset printing.